About Us

Brothers is an NGO which aims at spreading knowledge about humanity welfare. It came into existence with an idea of some young boys of New Delhi in 2013 and with god’s blessings and people love, Our goal is to spread God’s message to each and every person on this earth. We have dedicated teams of volunteers around the country that are willing to spend time and efforts without any personal interest.

Working with us will benefit you, your soul internally. The joy of giving, the pleasure of selfless work will surely benefit you in and out of your heart and mind.

If you like volunteering for humanity, and give or gain knowledge about the god’s message and culture, you are at the right place. Brothers is an NGO that aims at serving humanity, We also believe that it is our duty to spread the little knowledge that we have, amongst everyone. So if u believes in what we do and want to contribute for the same, join hands to bring the revolution